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Bishop Jenkins

Annette Y. Jenkins is Archbishop of Zephnaniah Movement  COGI. Bishop A.J., as she is fondly nicknamed, was called to the preach ministry in the year of 2009. Hesitant to accept the call for fear of making a mistake, God assured her that he indeed had ordained her a prophet to the nations with an anointing like that of the Minor Prophet Zephaniah.  


After much proving and mentoring by her mother, Founding Pastor Juanita E. Parks, Bishop A.J. was installed as pastor on April 29, 2011.   Since her installment, the church has flourished and continues to move forward with the vision God has provided for that work. She is very active in the community and works diligently with fellow pastors to keep the work of the Lord united and powerful. She is the mother of one loving daughter, Alexis "Mimi" Jenkins, who is a wonderful support to her in the ministry.


Pastor Christopher Wooden

Pastor Christopher B Wooden is pastor of the Zephaniah Movement South location, in Midwest City Oklahoma.. He is married to his beautiful wife Naomi Wooden and they have one daughter Tyreonna Wooden.  Pastor Wooden was called to the preach ministry at the early age of 17 years old, not being sure of himself he left the ministry and instead took on the street life of gangs and drugs. That way of living resulted in serving prison time, Whereby after being placed in a halfway house met then-minister Annette Jenkins as she was instructed by the Lord to visit him. Minister Jenkins spoke life Into him and informed him that God indeed was not done with him. After returning to his 1st love Jesus Christ, Pastor Wooden completed the Zephaniah College of Christian theology and biblical studies where he attained a bachelor's degree. 

On October 10, 2021 Pastor Wooden was officially installed as Pastor of Zephaniah Movement, South.

Bishop Parks

In the year of 1988 East Side Church of God was established by Juanita and J.D. Parks along with two other families. From this group of people the vision was born.  Juanita Parks is the founding pastor of East Side Church of God, later changed to Zephaniah Movement. Bishop Parks pastored for 25 years, teaching and preaching the gospel of holiness. In 2012 Bishop Parks passed the torch to her daughter, Archbishop Annette Y. Jenkins. Bishop Parks now continues to act in the office of Founding Pastor, where she teaches and supports the work.

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